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Kingdom Credit Union

Kingdom Credit Union is the newest credit union in Fife having been in operation for only 3 years. They are now however the largest credit union in Fife with just over 900 members and operate from 12 collection points throughout central Fife. This membership is due to the fact that the volunteers have gone around most streets in their membership area promoting the credit union and posting flyers and leaflets, also becoming involved with local groups giving talks on the work they do.
They have gone further than most other credit unions by assisting people who have contacted the credit union for a loan to apply for charity grants where possible. During the collapse of Farepak, Kingdom Credit Union came to the rescue of over 40 local people and gave low cost loans (without the usual savings required) of around £15,000.

Kingdom Credit Union have also introduced introductory loans again which do not require the member to have saved first in an effort to get people away from the crippling rates of interest charged by doorstep lenders. In addition, they have also set up schools savings clubs where as well as encouraging savings, talks are given on money matters and debt avoidance.

For further info`, contact:
Main Street                       
KY8 2DP                                                                     
Tel: 01592 714 888


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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210