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Live Wire Productions

Live Wire Productions, as an ensemble Science Theatre in Education company, was founded in 1994 and is a unique resource for schools, the community and organisations seeking to improve an understanding of basic scientific principals as a prerequisite to change in attitudes through drama.

All thirty six commissioned productions produced by the company to date cover a wide range of subjects where each performance is customised to the group, audience, class etc ensuring that the optimum impact is achieved and that the key messages relevant to the needs of those in attendance are delivered.  In total, the issue-based programmes have been performed to over 100,000, mainly in schools throughout Scotland and occasionally on tour in England.  In 2004 alone the programmes reached over 15,000.

The underlying purpose of each programme is to stimulate and impact on our young audiences, to develop individual thinking about improving their knowledge of basic scientific principles, to enhance a lifelong enthusiasm about health improvement, environmental issues and finally their attitude to good citizenship.

The company has also produced three annual, professional full cast venue based pantomimes reaching 7,000 school children per annum in the northeast.

An experienced team of fully trained actors, teachers, facilitators and presenters use the full range of the dramatic arts in conjunction with original and captivating scripts researched, written and produced in consultation with professionals from the public, private and voluntary sector.

In 2005, their drugs programme developed in collaboration with Grampian Police was funded by Scotland Against Drugs to produce a musical 'Kids on Stage' publication called 'Hooked' for all 3000 schools in Scotland in 2006.

The organisation bases its work on Theatre in Education, to stimulate the participants to analyse controversial issues and to develop their own viewpoints through theatre games and activities, fully aware that much of the learning takes place during the follow-up discussions where questions and issues raised in a play are analysed and challenged.

For further info`, contact:

Live Wire Productions
35 Regent Quay
AB11 5BE
Telephone: 01224 592777

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210