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Secure Artistic Talent (SAT) `making things happen`.


S A T ‘making things happen’ works in the widest imaginable range of youth and community settings to maximise accessibility to our projects and to the arts.  We deliver our own projects as-well-as working with partnership agencies and organisations in communities locally, regionally and nationally widening access even further.




S A T runs creative participation projects of its own as-well-as delivering arts projects for outside organisations. Our consultancy service supports organisations aiming to use the arts to engage all persons who are disaffected, disadvantaged, or presenting challenging behaviours.




S A T’s professional ‘Sound Art Theatre Company’, ‘Dance Fusion School of Dance’ and ‘Secure Artistic Talent’ multi-arts organisation tours to a variety of venues including schools, youth clubs, pupil referral units, community centres, arts centres and secure units with productions for young people.

If you would like more information about any of S A T ‘making things happen’ productions and services then please click here.




S A T ‘making things happen’ is a cutting edge and imaginative organisation with a passion for the arts and cultural development.   We plan to organise a range of arts projects in places where people live, work and meet, while also being source of information, training, advice and support to all.



We are a professional touring arts company with a host of creative participation projects.  All S A T projects create a culture of inclusion and consultation where all individuals feel apart of the community rather than excluded from it.  S A T’s work is aimed at engaging the whole community but has a particular focus on those most deprived, disaffected, in need or at risk, who present challenging behaviour and for those with additional needs.

S A T ‘making things happen’ is focussed in putting our audiences and participants at the centre of all our work.  We create high quality work that is built to meet the needs of everyone.

For more information contact:


Shaun Townsend





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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210