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Stenhousemuir Football Club Community Interest Company

Stenhousemuir Football Club has just adopted a new approach to running a football club and become a Community Interest Company (CIC). It is the first football club in the main leagues of Scotland and England to do this.

Stenhousemuir Football Club plays in the second division of the Scottish leagues and was established in 1884. It started as a club for members but like many football clubs it converted to a limited liability company. This position has left it exposed to being taken over by people who did not have the best interests of the club at heart and could cause problems of the type well known in modern day football in the UK.

SFC has always considered itself to be a community club and has built its community work up over recent years. It provides facilities for community activities such as football coaching to the schools in the area, midnight leagues for youngsters on a Friday and Saturday evenings, soccer camps during the school holidays, etc. We have 16 youth teams with two full-time and about 40 volunteer coaches to coach them. The use of two 5-a-side pitches and the installation of a FIFA-recommended synthetic turf on the main pitch has allowed very large numbers of the community to hire and use these top-class football facilities (see annex for more information).

To demonstrate its continual commitment to the local community, open up possibilities for the provision of new community sports facilities, and safeguard its assets and the future existence of the club, SFC has become a CIC. This change has been brought about through the cooperation of the Board of Stenhousemuir Football Club and the Warriors Supporters Trust, and approved by its shareholders. The legal work was carried out by Wright, Johnston and Mackenzie LLP, Glasgow.

Community Activities of Stenhousemuir Football Club CIC

Fun and Educational Courses for Youths

SFC currently supports a large range of football courses that are available for children of all abilities. These might change from year to year.

Twilight Football  This is run in cooperation with the local council and is free. It is on Friday and Saturday evenings at four local centres (Stenhousemuir, Denny, Banknock and Bonnybridge). Twilight football is a popular alternative to wandering the streets at the weekend.

Young Maroons  The Young Maroons is a Saturday morning club for boys and girls. There are two groups at Ochilview: 5-8 years and 9-13 years. The five teams mentioned before that play in the Forth Valley Football Development Association Leagues are selected from the Young Maroons. The Young Maroons is a club and members get a free season ticket for the first team and have a Christmas party etc. Any boy and girl, what ever their football abilities, can join and enjoy the healthy exercise of playing football.

Girls community football: We have a girls community programme that takes place on a Wednesday and Friday evenings and is open to all ages and abilities.

Soccer Tots The Soccer Tots is open to children aged 3 - 4 years of age and introduces very young children to a programme that aids their body movements e.g. jumping, turning, tumbling etc., and also gives them an early introduction to football.

After-School Clubs  Football coaching is provided for primary school children with hour-long sessions taking place at local primary schools immediately after school. Ten primary schools participate at present.

Soccer Centres  Soccer Centres are run on Wednesday between 4pm and 6pm at Ochilview for children aged between 5 and 13 years.

Holiday Camps  These are for all 5-13 year old children and are held every day for a week, there being 7 in the Summer, 2 at Easter, and one at the Christmas and one at the October holiday break.

Behavioural Problem Courses

SFC currently runs the following programmes to help people with behavioural problems.  The nature of these programmes may change over time.

Day Unit  This unit is for school children with behavioural problems that exclude them from a normal school. Children from the day unit receive instruction weekly at the Unit and those who behave well attend a monthly session at Ochilview. By playing football under disciplined conditions, and to rules, it helps these children to accept disciplines and perhaps return to a normal school. There is an incentive, as only those who behave well are allowed to attend the monthly session at Ochilview.

Street Sport  Adults from all over the district with behavioural problems such as recovering alcoholics or addicts, or homeless, attend Ochilview to play football. These adults are helped to recovery from their behaviour problems, giving them a feeling of well-being, teaching them social skills, and integrating them to the disciplines of society, and hence back into society.

Special School Children   The special school is for children with learning difficulties and the children receive coaching at school and suitable older children attend Ochilview to play football. Except for this initiative, these children will never receive the chance of playing ‘proper’ football and receive the same opportunities as in the main school.

For more info`, contact:

Bill Whyte
Stenhousemuir F.C.
Ochilview Park
Gladstone Road
Falkirk FK5 4QL

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210