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Working Rite

What Working Rite stands for

The aim of Working Rite is to promote a proven and successful work-based mentoring formula that supports teenagers achieve maturity and readiness for work.

The inspiration for Working Rite came out of a recognition of the growing crisis amongst teenage males. We wanted to find a natural way to give teenage boys a real life challenge with elders from their own community. The focus is on the workplace - primarily the building trades - and is set up to appeal to those youngsters who have rejected the education system and are at risk of entering a life of insecure employment, crime or benefits.

The Working Rite method uses the experience of a teenager's relationship with their first boss as a rite of passage into the world of work and adulthood. Working Rite believes that a first job can be a significant maturing event and the teenager's relationship with his/her first job is usually a crucial one.

Working Rite is open to both boys and girls. It strives to make same-gender job-matches (placing boys with a male boss and girls with a female boss) to create a significant influence by someone outside the family, yet still of one's own gender, at that vital time in the young person's life.

Working Rite also aims to promote rites of passage projects in general, and to promote mentoring and initiation for teenagers as a support into adulthood.

Working Rite works because it goes with the flow of what is, and in doing so draws out the natural role model potential of ordinary tradesmen with young lads thirsty to grow up. In many respects Working Rite is an old fashioned idea but one that has been adapted to use the principles of mentoring in the development stages of late teenage years.

Working Rite is also based on the premise that one of the key barriers in the way of many of these young people achieving work is not necessarily their skills or qualifications; it is their maturity. At the heart of Working Rite, is a 'rite of passage' formula - take the youngsters away from their peers, put them through a challenge, and bring them back to their community and family changed - no longer children but young adults.

There is a deliberate gender element in the approach. The maturing process (or lack of it) for many teenage boys these days is a problem. In late teenage years certain lessons can only be understood from being in the company of older versions of your own gender. All this is not made explicit in the workings of each project but it is an important part of the Working Rite formula.

Working Rite is not opposed to redressing the gender imbalance in the construction trades, but this is not its prime purpose. All the projects are open to girls and they have all been pro-active and sourced local tradeswomen in preparation for girls coming forward.

Fundamentally we believe that the principles of a rite of passage that takes youngsters away from their peers and into the world of adults is as important for girls as boys. Working Rite is already expanding the model into industries that naturally attract more girls and women.

For further information about Working Rite, visit their website: 

 Chief Operating Officer

As well as playing a full senior management role, the COO would be charged the following specific responsibilities:

•          Overseeing the growth and scaling of Working Rite
•          Developing a strong and diversified funding base
•          Implementing strong financial management, planning and forecasting systems for the delivery of a new contract in Scotland
•          Managing new contract negotiations, tendering and procurement procedures in both Scotland and England
•          Implementing human resource, legal, compliance and monitoring systems
If you are interested in receiving a recruitment pack when the post is advertised please e-mail the CEO, Sandy Campbell, at: 

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