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Northmavine Community Development Company

The population of Northmavine is one of the most peripheral on the mainland of Shetland and covers its largest geographical area, stretching from Mavis Grind in the south to North Roe in the north and Eshaness in the west. The population of 841 (Census 2001) is concentrated around the five main settlement areas of Hillswick, Eshaness, North Roe, Ollaberry and Sullom. Northmavine comprises a series of scattered communities and in fact covers 22% of the landmass of mainland Shetland, although it contains only 4% of its population.

Initiative at the Edge status came to an end for Northmavine on 31st March 2009.  Shetland Islands Council has recently adopted a regeneration policy in which seven areas of Shetland, including Northmavine, have been identified for support as part of a five year plan, providing community need and a viable business plan are produced by the community. The NCDC has recently secured core funding costs for 1 year to employ a community project officer and a community development assistant.  The NCDC hope to be independent for core costs by year 6.  

Future Focus

Their future strategy is based on the following five strategic elements:

1. First and foremost, remain a community-led company.

2. Further develop strong relations with current and potential local businesses in Northmavine as well as agencies and networks. 

3. Actively identify and evaluate opportunities and pursue those that will benefit the community of Northmavine socially, economically or environmentally. 

4. Seek to attract public and private sector funding to further the development of the Northmavine community.

5. Strive to employ development and ‘project dedicated’ staff to continue the development of the Northmavine community.

Based on the Northmavine Development Plan and the NCDC forward strategy, three key areas have been identified as priority themes.  The NCDC will concentrate on these themes over the next 5 years.  These are:

1. Renewables

2. Social Enterprise Development

3. Housing

For further info`, contact:

Maree Hay
South Collafirth
Shetland ZE2 9RX
Tel: 01806 544222

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210