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Patons and Baldwins Recreation Club

Patons and Baldwins Recreation Club in Alloa is a community facility consisting of a bar, function hall and bowling club.  The facilities are used for bowling, functions, community events, bingo and social venue.  The organisation recently registered and a Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status and is about to re-launch to attract a wider membership from the local community.    It is 100% self sustaining through income generated by its various activities. 

In the 1770's John Paton of Alloa began a small scale yarn spinning operation in the basement of his house. This small scale business grew, until the 1920's when it merged with another yarn spinning company, Baldwins from Halifax, England. The Paton family were great benefactors to the town of Alloa. They built the first school in the town, along with the public library and swimming baths.

In 1923 Patons and Baldwins Recreation and Welfare Association was built; initially for the use of employees of Patons & Baldwins with the wider local community being able to pay for using the facilities. Sporting facilities included tennis courts, hockey and football pitches and lawn bowls. To celebrate the Queens Silver Jubilee year the Jubilee Pavilion was built to house the bowling club and a bar was added. 

In 1999 the Patons and Baldwins factory in Alloa closed with the loss of all jobs. However the Recreation and Welfare Association continued to function and so the company gifted the pavilions and associated land to nominated trustees of the company to be looked after for the good of the local community in Alloa.

Many changes have taken place in the association since it was founded in the 1920's and the new charitable status is the latest in the long line. The new management hopes to refurbish the premises and attract new people to make use of the community facilities. 

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210